Better Me!

Be You!

In the last two blogs I wrote about self lies, self sabotage, and attacking self to be better me. It is about attacking the mindset and squashing out the lies we continue to tell ourself. It is being able to see who you don’t want to be in self and attacking it to change it. It is knowing you did not want to react that way and figuring out how to react differently next time. It is not being hard on yourself after eating what you knew you shouldn’t have eaten but making a different choice next time. But the trick is being able to choose the better choice the next time, reacting differently to the frustrations, and being nice to yourself when you fail. But never let failure keep you down. Get back up and go back at it, continuously!

I feel we attack ourselves every time we mess up, mindset is off and when we are stuck in our comfort zone. We attack self with nasty self lies because we made a bad choice, we aren’t moving forward, and life seems to always crumble. I know for self I am very hard on myself when I know I made a bad choice, when I am stuck or my mindset is in chaos. For example when I am snappy, not listening, short with people, eat unhealthy, don’t follow through, ignore things that need done, no workout I attack self in negative affirmations. for example I am not worthy, I am mean, I am unhealthy and fat, I can’t, I am ugly for doing that, I hate myself when I, I am being lazy, I am lazy, I am not smart enough, my kids deserve better mom, I am so stupid for doing that or making that stupid choice, I am not strong. That is how I talk to myself when I make a negative choice. When my mindset is out of whack. It just goes down from here and it takes everything I have to get back on track. When I am on track, when I love myself, when I am moving forward, mindset is good, I start to succeed. I talk to self in these ways I am proud of you Shereen. I am a good mom, I am capable of being better me, I am beauty, I love that I was able to stop before I opened my inappropriate mouth, Shereen you got this, Shereen your doing it, keep it up., Shereen stop and breath, stop, breath, don’t open mouth stop breath, I am strong, I am brave, I am not my failures. I am capable. I am worthy. Shereen you are badass. Shereen you are a warrior! When I lift self up and I am my biggest fan I start to accomplish goals and become who I want to be. When I tear myself about with self lies and self sabotage I am my worse enemy. How is your mindset? Are you moving outside your comfort zone or you content in your comfort zone?

It is so important how we attack self. If you continue to be who you’re not, or let who you’re not define you. In my opinion you are going down a very hard, ugly, self sabotage, self destruction, miserable lonely life. But if you attack yourself towards who you want to be you are headed to the light of peace in your heart filled with a life of happiness. In my opinion when we know and see who we want to be and we go after it, we don’t take what is ours not to take, we don’t let negativity define us, we continue to tackle the mindset, we have the ability to unlearn, relearn, and learn, we are opened minded, and we take ownership of self. I feel you just became who you are meant to be in this one life.

Repeat until you believe It, Repeat until you believe it: I am brave! I am courageous! I am strong! I am love! I am lovable! I am beautiful! I am capable! I am kind! I am grounded! I am important! I am complete! I am peace! I am light! I am grateful! I am empathy! I am confident! I am bold! I am authentic! I am energetic! I am smart! I am happy! I am mighty! I am resilient! I am empowered! I am awesome! I am amazing! I am motivated! I am genuine! I am needed! I am worthy! I am patient! I am blessed! I am abundant! I matter! I value myself! I am compassionate! I am fearless! I am powerful! I am enough! I am joy! I am creation! I am vibrant! I am whole! I am thankful! I am free! I am wise! I am expressive! I am inspired! I am! I am! I am! Be true, Be You! Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or feedback.. Thank you for taking the time to read love, ShereenAnn..

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