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Respect people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.

Respect people’s opinion. Opinion need to be valued because you don’t want to take their independence away or their feeling of importance

Respect people’s age. Remember who has been alive longer and who just entered the world. We all have knowledge to give in some shape, form or action. Living through many experiences or living through no experience still has accountability.

Respect PEOPLE. Give Respect to receive Respect. Accept people for who they are even when they’re different from you or you disagree with them.


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I wonder where to draw the lines sometimes. Sure, everyone wants to be respected. But, at the same time, there are people that believe things that are false. One that feels particularly salient at the moment is people that believe vaccines are more of a problem than the diseases they protect us against. Hard to see how that makes any sense given we’ve just lived through a pandemic. How does one respect this kind of opinion or the person who holds it?

Great question! This is very tough, hit home, real, and difficult topic because so many have an opinion. In my opinion you can’t take it personal. Always try to stay calm. And listen to their point of view before speaking. I would hope the same respect would be given back. We don’t know their story, situation or what they researched. You have to try your hardest to not put down the others belief but you always have the right to disagree. If you interact you should use “I feel.. I think.. I want… I need… statements and do away with the word but..”. Look at the things you agree upon and go off that. Try to stay neutral. Remember you deserve the same respect that you give.

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