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Unknown* Life* Choice* Forward* Ownership

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is not guaranteed it will be like yesterday. Start before you can not start. Try before you can not try. Beat fear always. Fight until the end.

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So much in our life is unknown. When a tomorrow arrives we just carry on our very way just assuming tomorrow will be just like yesterday. But what happens when tomorrow brings so much change in one day that it changes the entire dynamics in your life. We are not guaranteed a safe, comforting, easy, it doesn’t apply to me, I’m an acceptation to the rules kind of life. We are guaranteed that we have to fight continuously of who self wants to be and attack life to its fullest. To take ownership and be grateful for life. Needless to say you have to fight with all your strength, might, and soul when life hits you hard. You have to give it your all even when your ready to crumble. You have to continuously try, listen and accept. So much of life is unknown so live life! Try! Go! Move!

It is so important, I can not stress this enough to take care of yourself now before you can not. To take the steps so life is not harder the older one gets. You need To Attack the life you want before it becomes “I wish”. You are capable of fighting for yourself. You are stronger then you think, to attack what needs to be done to be YOU. Know your worth because you are worthy of this one life the way you want to be seen, loved, and defined. Move now because you can. Try now because you can. Start now because you can. Conquer your fear because you are worth it. Don’t repeat what makes you who you don’t want to be. Repeat what makes you who you want to be. Stop repeating your failures, grab the tools that worked and go a different path/direction/journey. Start! Be who you are meant to be! Attack and conquer the warrior in you!

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It is time to make the most of life even with the simple things. Cherish the things you take for granite before its not available or around. Listen with your heart and learn from the simple words. Slow down and do not miss out on what is right in front of you. Capture the moments because you will cherish the memories.

Remember, listen, BELIEVE, and repeat: I am ENOUGH! I am SMART! I am CAPABLE! I am WORTHY! I am IMPORTANT! I am BEAUTIFUL! I am STRONG! I am LOVABLE! I am COURAGEOUS! I am BRAVE! I am PROUD! I am ME! I will stop the self sabotage and realize I am enough for this one life. I will stop the self lies and I will believe in myself. I am capable to accomplish my fears. That I will be stronger at my most weakest moments. I realize I am lovable for this one life the way I want to be loved. I am beyond thankful I have the ability to see who I don’t want to be and who I want to be. I will accept my imperfections. My imperfections make me, ME and there is only one me. I will embrace myself for who I am. I am Me. I am Proud of ME! I am BEAUTIFUL!

Start! Try! Restart! Just start and attack who you want to be. You will find your super power within you, if you attack who you want to be and know you can be “better me”. You are meant for this one life. Be true! Be YOU! Please subscribe below for all my new publishings!

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You are very special ,strong and beautiful I am so happy god brought you into my life ! I love you and your mom regardless of whatever is going on !

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