Little about SAL

     Thank you for taking your time to look around! I will be adding and deleting as my better me, research and writing continues.  Try to make the most of life and listen to the heart. It only took me 39 years to realize I can be better me each day. It was realizing it was time to attack my sabotage self. Self sabotage exist until one is ready to tackle self. I realize life is just amazedly imperfect.  That we truly do our own self sabotage!

    My name is Shereen Ann Leyden, with many titles or mask (depends how one looks at it). That might sound ridiculous, funny and to some understandable but it is me being true to myself and realizing my “WHY”! My titles or masks (circle if it’s your title or mask you wear). Daughter, sister, cousin, mom, granddaughter, wife, aunt, friend, cook, teacher, maid, explore, nurse, dishwasher, maintenance, creator, pleaser, achiever, counselor, accountant, provider, writer, outdoors lady, encourager, coworker, employee, leader, painter, listener, and …. It is crazy to think how many titles or mask you wear each day. I am a mom of three girls and one boy (do you have children? How many? Boy? Girl? Ages?). Our first two girls were complete opposites growing up. One dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes and my other daughter light skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. That was just the first opposite and so many more came and come as they both grow up. Our oldest is 19, then 17, 6 and 4! Our son is 6 years old and is surrounded by 3 sisters! Just a little start about me..

There is nothing easy about life, about acceptance, about being true, about owning self, about accepting self, and realizing your importance in this life. I truly feel if its easy then its time to move and push self little farther forward. This journey, this chapter will be an adventure of being aware, present, growth, and open minded to endless better me. Everyone has a story, their personal signature story. Their isn’t one person that doesn’t deserve to not tell their story and be heard. That you truly deserve to be heard for who you truly are.  To understand YOU are someone else’s Hero, someone else’s inspiration, someone else’s encourager, someone else’s strength!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. Always remember you are a “WARRIOR”!