Better Me!

Be You!

In the last two blogs I wrote about self lies, self sabotage, and attacking self to be better me. It is about attacking the mindset and squashing out the lies we continue to tell ourself. It is being able to see who you don’t want to be in self and attacking it to change it. It is knowing you did not want to react that way and figuring out how to react differently next time. It is not being hard on yourself after eating what you knew you shouldn’t have eaten but making a different choice next time. But the trick is being able to choose the better choice the next time, reacting differently to the frustrations, and being nice to yourself when you fail. But never let failure keep you down. Get back up and go back at it, continuously!

I feel we attack ourselves every time we mess up, mindset is off and when we are stuck in our comfort zone. We attack self with nasty self lies because we made a bad choice, we aren’t moving forward, and life seems to always crumble. I know for self I am very hard on myself when I know I made a bad choice, when I am stuck or my mindset is in chaos. For example when I am snappy, not listening, short with people, eat unhealthy, don’t follow through, ignore things that need done, no workout I attack self in negative affirmations. for example I am not worthy, I am mean, I am unhealthy and fat, I can’t, I am ugly for doing that, I hate myself when I, I am being lazy, I am lazy, I am not smart enough, my kids deserve better mom, I am so stupid for doing that or making that stupid choice, I am not strong. That is how I talk to myself when I make a negative choice. When my mindset is out of whack. It just goes down from here and it takes everything I have to get back on track. When I am on track, when I love myself, when I am moving forward, mindset is good, I start to succeed. I talk to self in these ways I am proud of you Shereen. I am a good mom, I am capable of being better me, I am beauty, I love that I was able to stop before I opened my inappropriate mouth, Shereen you got this, Shereen your doing it, keep it up., Shereen stop and breath, stop, breath, don’t open mouth stop breath, I am strong, I am brave, I am not my failures. I am capable. I am worthy. Shereen you are badass. Shereen you are a warrior! When I lift self up and I am my biggest fan I start to accomplish goals and become who I want to be. When I tear myself about with self lies and self sabotage I am my worse enemy. How is your mindset? Are you moving outside your comfort zone or you content in your comfort zone?

It is so important how we attack self. If you continue to be who you’re not, or let who you’re not define you. In my opinion you are going down a very hard, ugly, self sabotage, self destruction, miserable lonely life. But if you attack yourself towards who you want to be you are headed to the light of peace in your heart filled with a life of happiness. In my opinion when we know and see who we want to be and we go after it, we don’t take what is ours not to take, we don’t let negativity define us, we continue to tackle the mindset, we have the ability to unlearn, relearn, and learn, we are opened minded, and we take ownership of self. I feel you just became who you are meant to be in this one life.

Repeat until you believe It, Repeat until you believe it: I am brave! I am courageous! I am strong! I am love! I am lovable! I am beautiful! I am capable! I am kind! I am grounded! I am important! I am complete! I am peace! I am light! I am grateful! I am empathy! I am confident! I am bold! I am authentic! I am energetic! I am smart! I am happy! I am mighty! I am resilient! I am empowered! I am awesome! I am amazing! I am motivated! I am genuine! I am needed! I am worthy! I am patient! I am blessed! I am abundant! I matter! I value myself! I am compassionate! I am fearless! I am powerful! I am enough! I am joy! I am creation! I am vibrant! I am whole! I am thankful! I am free! I am wise! I am expressive! I am inspired! I am! I am! I am! Be true, Be You! Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or feedback.. Thank you for taking the time to read love, ShereenAnn..

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Better Me!

Remember who you ARE!

Hello warriors! How is life treating you? Are you where you want to be in life? Are you living a wishful life? Do you find yourself comparing your self to others continuously? Is your life in chaos? What you think, you will start to believe, and when you believe it becomes true even when its a lie. Self sabotage exists and it exists in so many. What collars are you ready to throw away?

I am a victim to my own self sabotage, self lies, believing its just existence of life and many masks. I am beyond thankful for my eyes to open and truly see my own worth, value, bravery, strength, courage, and that I am a warrior. My research helped me learn, unlearn, relearn and gave me the tools I needed to tackle who I don’t want to be. The tools to attack my mindset and self care to who I want to be. It Opened my eyes to realize it is my life and I have control of it. I can either fail or succeed. I can tear myself apart or I can mend myself back together and shine. I can stay comfortable or I can get outside my comfort zone. I am learning and tackling each and everyday to unlearn the self destruction, self Sabotage by switching my self talk.

Here is how I used to talk to self or see myself for almost 41 years; I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m stupid, I’m selfish, I’m not capable, I’m useless, I’m of color, I don’t fit in, I’m not worth ones time, I’m fearful, I’m scared, I’m worthless, I speak funny, fast and have million thoughts at once, growing up trying to hide the wrinkles on my hands, being silent of the fear of how I speak, I’m lazy, I’m mean, I’m unhealthy, I’m old, I’m to young, I don’t have the experience, I’m short, I’m not smart enough, I’m not beautiful, I’m bad person depending on which title, I’m weak, I don’t deserve it, I’m giving up, I’m to late, I freeze when all eyes are on me, I have bad luck, I can’t, I’ll never follow through with it, I’m just disappointment, I must be perfect at it to try, I’m not enough, they are better then me, people won’t like me, it is to hard, I’d rather put you down to make myself feel better, assuming and filling in the blanks, there is always tomorrow, timing isn’t right, self pity, complainer, never done it, use excuses after excuses, flaky, non trustworthy, drama starter, shit talker, gossiper, I’ll only do it one more time, I’m doubtful, they’re better at it then me so why try, I’ll failure so why try, I am a failure, I am my many addictions, I hold grudges, I would target back when hurt, I would hurt out of anger or/and jealousy , it is what it is, no self control, over eater, procrastinator, it’s just life, not in me to be organized, finger pointer, I can’t change, it’s impossible for me, I’ll start tomorrow, and what ever else I forgot I told myself or the way I acted or conducted myself.

JUST WOW! IT’S ALL LIES I’VE TOLD MYSELF. Im glad my eyes were open to how I was treating myself. I’m continuing to learn that this is all bullshit. That I let self sabotaging, self destruction, and self lies run my life for way to long. I continue to squash who I don’t want to be and attack who I want to be. I forgave myself first before others could forgive me, I realize my worth, I know I am brave, I am very capable as long as I start and try. That giving up is not a choice. Knowing I will have set backs, struggles, interference, obstacles, bad choice, and difficulties but not to let it define me. To always look for the good first and not to be blinded to learn life lessons from anyone. That I can learn from my closet friend and my worse enemy. I find it is important to take breaks to just breath. To work as hard as I can to accept self as is but know I am capable of being better. To stop stories at my ears. To squash complaining, excuses, self pity, and self lies. To always learn, and willing to unlearn and relearn. To do my research and always push myself to be better me. To be grateful, thankful and respectful. To listen first and not to give advice when not needed. To not take things personal and never target back out of anger. To always try, start, continue, and restart when needed. That I do not let anyone get in my way of me being truly me. I have set boundaries which some don’t understand and that’s okay. I have also learned that It is okay to let go of those that keep me back and set me back. That it is very important to own myself so I am able to grow to be better me. To give with out expectations, recognition, and/or to receive. To be open minded to anyone that comes my way.

Remember to be true, be you! SAL

Better Me!

Shereen Ann Leyden

“Be TRUE! Be YOU! Live LIFE!”

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It is never to late to be who you are meant to be. I truly believe during this one life every person is meant for a reason. I feel it is very important to accept yourself, all your imperfections, and tackle who you want to be. Do not let your past, people or society stop you from being you. Your words and actions should align with one another. It is tackling the things you don’t want to tackle but you know you need to tackle. It is you working to be “better me”, every day forward!

In my opinion I feel it takes seeing, realizing, opening up and acceptance to want to change to be better! It means tackling what you don’t want to tackle. It is being able to see yourself for who you don’t want to be and who you know you can be. It’s owning yourself and letting go. It is forgiving yourself first. Then it is tackling everyone else that holds heavy in your heart. You have to come to peace with what is damaging and defining you. You have to have peace from what is destroying you from you being you. No one ever says life is easy. We as society look at others lives and wish, try to out do, compare, at times harm, create chaos and creates jealousy.

But what if what you wish, is right in front of you and your just blinded at the moment? Is it time to open your eyes and start attacking, “YOU”? To accept self and all imperfections? Everything about, YOU, makes you, YOU. Why would you want to be anyone else? Be who you are meant to be! Who you want to be! Come join me on trying to figure out how to tackle this one amazingly hard life.

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