Better me

Better Me! Tackling how to be a better me. To stop self sabotage and start to lift self up. To realize you are enough, capable, strong, brave, courageous and a warrior!

What is a better me you ask! If you have thought, told your self, if you can answer yes, or you believe any of these questions its time to open your eyes to who you are meant to be. Have you ever been to a point of giving up on what you truly want? You felt its useless, pointless and no one gets it? Maybe you feel that your not good enough? Trying is not a choice your willing to take because you truly think you can’t? Do you believe yourself when you think your not Enough, smart, beautiful, handsome, strong, courageous, brave, worthy, successful, important, lovable, creative, liked, confident, and so many others …? When it gets hard you seem to give up, stop, or not even try? You feel life tosses difficulties, struggles, hardship sadness, pain and so much more before joy, happiness and/or break to breath? You feel or others notice you are slowly giving up on moving, tackling, and attacking self each day? You feel trying is pointless? Excuses seem to be your go to before you take actions? You are getting to the point of simply accepting self as is? You don’t understand why its not you? You feel like crawling in a hole and hiding? You feel there is never a balance? Life is out to get you? You assume everyone is steering, judging, pointing fingers, gossiping about imperfect you? You continue to hide from the world your true self? You do understand that life is hard but don’t seem to want to tackle it? You have no clue why you can’t lose weight? Or why that person has not called or texted you back? You feel at times you’re the only one that has that horrible past, story, or bad choice? At times breathing, moving, or tackling one task is to much? You feel alone, that you have no one? Are you stuck into believing the everyday lies you tell your self, “self sabotage lies”? What about the thought of feeling you don’t matter? Or thinking it wont matter? Why it even matters? You are slowly becoming silent, distant, and non social? Well I am here to tell you that you’re better then all this self sabotage and self lies. I am no expert. I am just a person who was blinded and realizes I can change to be better me. That accepting self and its imperfections is a great start to moving forward and truly being me! I am happy to share my research, tools, thought, and journey to what I want defining me as “ME”!

I was blinded not realizing I could be a “better me”. That I could beat the “self sabotage lies” and turn it around to be “proud me”. That I can control who I don’t what to be and become who I am meant to be. That it was time I tackled the things I didn’t want defining me. On top of everything else, attacking the things that needed to be tackled. No one is perfect. I am first to admit that I am not perfect. It is learning to accept all my imperfections and being who I am suppose to be in this one life of mine. It’s being strong and not allowing others to bring or tear you down. It’s defeating fear and realizing how brave you truly are. It’s understanding you matter and are worthy to be heard and seen for you.

Everyone in my opinion has the strength to be who they want to be. That if you stand tall through what tries to destroy you and don’t give up you will defeat and conquer You life! To realize you have the strength to squash the self lies, beat society, and accept true self . Life in my opinion is hard but its how one handles or tackles each day. It’s how your words and actions are aligned. It’s being open to see who you don’t want to be and go after who you are truly meant to be! At times I feel we make it harder on our self. One can lift self up or one can tear self down. One can be grateful for whats in front of them or they can live life wishing and comparing. One can self absorb in others life or one can self absorb in their own worthy life. How do you talk to yourself? How do you let others talk to you? Have you ever looked through your eyes in the mirror and raised self up instead of tear down every flaw and imperfection? To look at self and not accept self for self? How do you talk to yourself?

I’m ugly I’m Beautiful I’m HandsomeImperfections make you, YOU! What is within you makes you, YOU! Your personality, attitude, experiences, habits, creativity, perspective, taste, goals, hobbies, passion, confidence, uniqueness, attributes, and traits all make you, You! Be YOU! “I am handsome”, “I am beautiful”
I’m not enoughI’m am enoughYou are only enough when you believe your enough. One truly does not have to be more worthy, more acceptable, more liked, more loved just open your eyes. You will start to see what you were blinded too at the moment. To understand you are enough. You are “YOU” and that’s enough. Just know you can tackle and attack what you like and dislike. “I am enough”
I’m stupid….I’m smartIf you tell your self continuously that you are dumb, stupid, and an idiot then you will believe that. But if you tell yourself you have the ability to try and you accept challenge to unlearn, relearn, and learn. You accept failure, defeat, and loses but don’t ever give up. You need to go back at it to conquer and succeed using the tools that worked and adding new tools. “I am smart”
I’m weak…..I’m strongStrength gets you moving and tackles hardship. Strength can conquer what weakness can’t. Life takes strength. Don’t let weakness set you back. You are given this life for a reason. Be truly “YOU”! “I am strong”
I am; Shameful, Embarrassed,
I’m worthyTo understand you are just as important as the next person. You might be the missing piece of the puzzle so know your worth! Realize and understand your motivation, passion, and your why. Stand tall and don’t ever be ashamed, embarrassed or think you are undesirable. “I am worthy”
I am not capable I’m capableTo understand there might be limits but there is always a way. You have the ability to achieve your desires. Stop doubting and start achieving! “I am Capable”
I can’tI am braveDon’t sit around and wait, don’t have regrets, know your worth. Stop with the excuses and attack who you want to be! Stand tall! Don’t give up with out a fight! You can! You can! Know your worth! “ I am Brave”
no one loves meI am lovable I feel you should love self first so you can be loved the way you want to be loved. Everyone is worthy to be loved! Everyone is worthy of affection! It is knowing, owning and accepting self to see what you are blinded too! “I am lovable”
I don’t matter I am ImportantYou are worth this one life and everything you have to offer. That you are just as important as the next person. That your voice, opinion, ideas, thoughts, dreams, and wants matter. It is accepting self and braving the unknown. “ I am Important”
I really want to but…I am courageYou have it within you to try. It is hard not to worry about the unknown but you know your worth. Beat fear, danger, difficulty, set backs, struggles, judgements, ridicule, pain, and change. Stand tall and defeat. You have it within you despite whats tugging you back, holding you back, setting you back and keeping you from being “YOU”. “ I am courage”

How do you talk to yourself? How do you see you? What is your biggest self complaint? If you look in the mirror do you tear self apart or lift self up? When is enough, enough? When will you start to take action and control of who you want to be? It is time to Change your mindset and get a little uncomfortable so you can be comfortable being you, “YOU”! Are you ready to start encouraging and lifting yourself up. To let go, forgive and let your story be heard! Who you are, what you went through, what you lost, what you gained, what you learned, tells your one of a kind story. Your story can help, encourage, motive, inspire others to have the strength, courage and bravery to own their story, their life! That taking ownership of self is the first step of accepting self and selves imperfections!

Check out the rest of the website and grab the tools that work for you! Always Come back for more! My research our results! Thank you SAL