Better Me!

Good vs Bad, live vs exist, exercise vs destroy, health vs self

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It is crazy how I can self sabotage continuously with food choices even though I know better. How are you with food choices? After eating clean for weeks then having 3 days of unhealthy eating I feel nasty. Little family trip is no excuse but a good excuse! I feel like crap , food comatose, Swollen fingers, swollen hands, swollen feet, headache, thirsty, weight gain, and no motivation. Why do I continue to eat the crappy yummy food specially when I know how my body reacts to it. Right now I am beyond grateful for my health and I have the ability to continuously get my self back on track but it’s continuous bad choice making and knowing better that I’m working on. Is your health slowly declining? What is going in your mouth? What are your feet and legs doing? How is your mindset? What is your fear? What has you so comfort?

I truly want to use excuses but I know I can not. I truly want to blame it on anything but I know I can not. It is truly all about my choices. It is about owning self. It is about what I choose to put in my mouth and what kind of daily movement I will endure through the day. It is about tackling who I know I can be or want to be for my “why”. It is knowing when I am wrong, accepting when I have been told I am wrong, wanting to change because of me wanting to be better, it is attacking who I want to be and tackling who I do not want defining me.

It is important to have a true “WHY” to get you moving. What ever it is you need to tackle, it should be because of your “WHY”! Use your “WHY” to keep you focused on motivated. Hold on to your “WHY” when all you want to do is give up because it is getting hard. Remember your “WHY” when you failed. Get back up because of your “WHY”! What is your why?

I am very aware of the importance the older I am getting to keep muscle strength, active moving, mindset and eating healthy. I also know it is okay to eat crappy foods but it’s balance of making wiser choices more often then not. It is not eating that last bite (some of us are in the generation where we had to finish our plate. Serve your self less food if you need to finish your plate. It is weird to be in generation where you heard elders tell you to eat all your food, your not full and now they tell the grandkids/great grandkids you can be done it is okay not to finish. Is isn’t good to over eat! What the heck is that! LoL. I still cherish it all with much love. ) I know that I want to live and not just exist. I know it takes dedication, hard work, mindset, and understanding of life to live independently and possibly still driving at 90! (Thanks for being amazing inspiration Grandpa Hironaka! I cherish every word that brings knowledge of aging gracefully from you. I will stop eating when I am full. I know as I am getting older and wiser, I have your permission grandpa not to finish my plate!! I love you grandpa!)

So anyways just please treat your body, mind and soul like you are important because you are important. You are worthy! You are smart! You are beautiful! You are enough! You are a WARRIOR! Be true! Be you!