Better Me!

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Is life easy? Is life hard? What does your life look like? Are you satisfied with you? Are you better because what is around you? Are you growing and becoming who you truly want to be? What has you thinking life is just life, it is what it is, I can’t, it’s impossible, to hard, I tried….. and it just keeps going? STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP

Life is hard and life is easy! I feel you don’t have a choice but you make the choice how you react, interact, and act in your life. I truly feel you have to see who you are and truly accept yourself and if you can not you have to change to become who you want to be and take responsibility. What ever has you thinking that you can’t well you CAN. What ever has you believing that it is hard, well I’m sorry to say this but it probably is hard or will be hard but maybe not as hard as you think. Why I say this, is because I feel “EASY” makes progress “YES” but it’s probably something you/we continue to do over and over or we/ you are good at doing already. Easy makes me think of safe zone, comfortable zone, or/and zone we conquered already. I feel hard is tackling the things that we use excuses for, the things we complain about, it’s getting outside our comfort zone, I feel it an understanding of getting to know self of who they want to be no matter what comes along.

Stop believing who you are not. Because that truly is getting in your way of who you are. It is getting in the way of who you are “MEANT TO BE” in this one life. You have this one life for a reason so “STOP” sabotaging yourself towards who you don’t want to be. Be better then your enemy. Be better then the self lies. Understand you are enough. But “YES” there is a but, “YOU” have to realize who you don’t want to be so you are capable of becoming who you are meant to be.

Who are you meant to be? What is your “WHY”? Can you answer these two questions?

What self sabotage have you done to yourself? Truly think about how you truly see yourself; the thoughts only you think to yourself, the thoughts of I’m not “important”, I’m not “strong”, I’m not “capable”, I’m not “smart”, I’m not “beautiful”, I’m not “brave”, I’m not “confident”, I’m not “enough”….. It just can keep going. You are not alone thinking these thoughts about yourself. It is not okay to think these thoughts because they are lies we tell are self. You have to stop believing the lies we continue to tell are self every time we make a “BAD CHOICE”, only in your eyes. What is a bad choice? For me a bad choice is being snappy, not being present, wanting control, targeting to much at once, unhealthy eating choices, posture (SIT UP! STAND UP TALL! It is so important. My grandpa and posture; growing up I never knew why he would always tell me, “SIT UP!” Blah, blah blah blah I heard at first. The older I became I heard “Sit up. The older I get blah, blah, blah I heard this. Then I heard this “Sit up because when you get older you don’t want to be hatchback. SIT UP! And now when we visit I don’’t hear that anymore but every time I “SIT UP!”, I think of my Grandpa Hironaka! My Gechan!.), and so many other bad choice.

We have to own ourself so we can become are self. Who cares about our imperfections because those imperfections are “YOU”! We see what others don’t see so stop your self sabotage, self destruction, self lies. Even if they see what you see it is not what they define you with. Remember there is always exception to anything I say because there is always that ONE PERSON. But if they define you by your insecurities, your imperfections think twice who that person truly is, who you want to be, do they make you grow or hold you back, is it based on truth or lies. Remember you are who you want to become. So start becoming who you are meant to be. Just be true and be “YOU”, a better me.

I am open for communication and sharing my tools that has helped me realize who I am meant to be. Being snappy is not who I want to be defined as (very hard one to crack) work in progress…….. But I am proud that I can at least see it, notice it, try to not act, and be called out on it. Being called out on something that I don’t want defining me is like a missile 3,2,1.. OFF my mouth goes but that is in my head and I breath and try my best to accept it because “YOU ARE RIGHT!” I should not be snappy I tell myself when I have to tell me children one hundred times to put their coat up, toys up (not just tossed in their room either), boots out of others walking way, back pack on the hook, garbage in garbage, yes to one snack not after 3 snacks then asking continuously because they are so hungry. Then you prepare them a meal. They don’t eat hardly any dinner. All the sudden they are full! But then here is the kicker they ask for a snack minutes later. Little Miss Eva realized the day she should probably eat her meals because waiting for the next meal can get hungry for child who can have no snacks until next meal.. Trying not to be snappy is work in progress.

Remember you are worth your worth! You are meant for this life! You are capable of attacking who you do not want to be! You are strong enough to tackle who you want to be! You are brave enough to beat fear because you are meant for this one life. Read to yourself until you believe in yourself. I am Strong! I am Important! I am Enough! I am Brave! I am capable! I am Courage! I am Worthy! I am beautiful! I am Confident, I am Kind, I am smart, I am ME! It is not about I used to, I should have, I once was able to, I am just….. It is about working harder and accepting yourself without excuses(fine line), complaining (fine line), age (fine line but no matter the age if you see a 90 year old person who still has their memory, health, fitness, self care, driving and you say I hope that is ME. That can be YOU! But he would say you have to take care of “YOU”. Thank you grandpa ( “great Gechan” my children. Growing up for 40 years it is “grandpa for me, now (but…) and “Gechan for my children”. I, we love you! )

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Better Me!

Beautiful vs Ugly

“Nobody was born ugly. The problem is we live in a judgmental society”


What is ugly? Why? What is beautiful? Why? What and/or Who determines ugliness and beautiful?

How do you see yourself? Why? How do you talk to yourself? Why”Being truthful describe yourself? What is the first thing you see when looking in the mirror? Why? What is one thing you praise yourself over? Why? What is one thing you tear yourself down over? Why? What can be tweaked, changed, worked on, or upgraded about self?

I think it is very hard not to be hard on self, ridicule self, tear self down, lie to self, and see flaws before praising self, loving self, lifting self up, and bettering self daily. I think there is a few of us that believe our own self lies that we have told ourselves created for what ever reason. I feel the environment plays huge role in who you (we) are. I believe it takes understanding of self and acceptance of self to lift self up and realize self worth. I feel you have to stop telling yourself lies but encourage self. It seems others see your own worth before self. But then again others see our beauty before self.

How long have you been looking in the mirror telling yourself that your ugly because.. I wish I didn’t have this there.. I am fat.. I am ugly…. No one likes me.. I have no friends.. I hate myself because or when… I wish I had a different… I wish I was more like.. Why am I.. I am weak.. I am unhealthy.. I hate when I.. I can’t stand self.. I can’t.. I should have… What self destruction have you created and started to believe? What lies have you told your self and for how long?

It is time to accept yourself for self. To own self and move forward. To work each day to be better. To embrace your flaws and be thankful you are breathing. To change what you do no like in your life instead of wishing. You can. You will. Try. Move. Be thankful. Have patience. Let go. Stop controlling others. Take care of self first. Base your life on your wants. Stand tall and be you. Give. Cherish. Eat clean as much as possible. Say no. Realize the damage of saying to self or others “just once” because it can be said a million and one times over.

Your life is important. Take care of yourself. Realize your worth, strength, importance and courage. Fight hard. Do not let lazy win. Do not let easy win. Push yourself during the difficult, hard, challenging times and you will always be proud of yourself. Tackle yourself lies and realize they are self lies. But understand your wishes don’t have to be wishes. You have to stop feeding the bad in your life and feed the good. You have to realize It is how hard are you willing to work for yourself.

Read over and over until it becomes easy and you believe: I am worthy. I am strong. I am capable. I am courage. I am healthy. I am inspiring. I am loving. I am patient. I am moving. I am beautiful. I am creative. I am giving. I am loyal. I am kind. I am happy. I am arming. I am lucky. I am thankful. I am enough. I am smart. I am passionate. I am confident. I am brave. I am compassion. I am sensitive . I am peace. I am fearless. I am Me!

Thank you for taking the time to read, Shereen

Better Me!


Beat Fear. when possible take a time out to clear the flooded mind. Breath when you feel your in a panic. Face fear straight on. Remember It could always be worse. Talk about it. Don’t try to be perfect. beat fear. Don’t fear failure, Don’t fear uncertainty, Don’t fear loneliness, Don’t fear change, Don’t fear being judged, Don’t fear loss of freedom, Don’t fear getting hurt, Don’t fear inadequacy, Don’t fear rejection, Don’t fear love, Don’t fear criticism, Don’t fear death, Don’t fear loss, Don’t fear, FEAR! BEAT FEAR! Fear protects us from danger, prepares us to take action, but it also destroys us. BE TRUE, BE YOU! SAL