Better Me!

Beautiful vs Ugly

“Nobody was born ugly. The problem is we live in a judgmental society”


What is ugly? Why? What is beautiful? Why? What and/or Who determines ugliness and beautiful?

How do you see yourself? Why? How do you talk to yourself? Why”Being truthful describe yourself? What is the first thing you see when looking in the mirror? Why? What is one thing you praise yourself over? Why? What is one thing you tear yourself down over? Why? What can be tweaked, changed, worked on, or upgraded about self?

I think it is very hard not to be hard on self, ridicule self, tear self down, lie to self, and see flaws before praising self, loving self, lifting self up, and bettering self daily. I think there is a few of us that believe our own self lies that we have told ourselves created for what ever reason. I feel the environment plays huge role in who you (we) are. I believe it takes understanding of self and acceptance of self to lift self up and realize self worth. I feel you have to stop telling yourself lies but encourage self. It seems others see your own worth before self. But then again others see our beauty before self.

How long have you been looking in the mirror telling yourself that your ugly because.. I wish I didn’t have this there.. I am fat.. I am ugly…. No one likes me.. I have no friends.. I hate myself because or when… I wish I had a different… I wish I was more like.. Why am I.. I am weak.. I am unhealthy.. I hate when I.. I can’t stand self.. I can’t.. I should have… What self destruction have you created and started to believe? What lies have you told your self and for how long?

It is time to accept yourself for self. To own self and move forward. To work each day to be better. To embrace your flaws and be thankful you are breathing. To change what you do no like in your life instead of wishing. You can. You will. Try. Move. Be thankful. Have patience. Let go. Stop controlling others. Take care of self first. Base your life on your wants. Stand tall and be you. Give. Cherish. Eat clean as much as possible. Say no. Realize the damage of saying to self or others “just once” because it can be said a million and one times over.

Your life is important. Take care of yourself. Realize your worth, strength, importance and courage. Fight hard. Do not let lazy win. Do not let easy win. Push yourself during the difficult, hard, challenging times and you will always be proud of yourself. Tackle yourself lies and realize they are self lies. But understand your wishes don’t have to be wishes. You have to stop feeding the bad in your life and feed the good. You have to realize It is how hard are you willing to work for yourself.

Read over and over until it becomes easy and you believe: I am worthy. I am strong. I am capable. I am courage. I am healthy. I am inspiring. I am loving. I am patient. I am moving. I am beautiful. I am creative. I am giving. I am loyal. I am kind. I am happy. I am arming. I am lucky. I am thankful. I am enough. I am smart. I am passionate. I am confident. I am brave. I am compassion. I am sensitive . I am peace. I am fearless. I am Me!

Thank you for taking the time to read, Shereen

Better Me!


Beat Fear. when possible take a time out to clear the flooded mind. Breath when you feel your in a panic. Face fear straight on. Remember It could always be worse. Talk about it. Don’t try to be perfect. beat fear. Don’t fear failure, Don’t fear uncertainty, Don’t fear loneliness, Don’t fear change, Don’t fear being judged, Don’t fear loss of freedom, Don’t fear getting hurt, Don’t fear inadequacy, Don’t fear rejection, Don’t fear love, Don’t fear criticism, Don’t fear death, Don’t fear loss, Don’t fear, FEAR! BEAT FEAR! Fear protects us from danger, prepares us to take action, but it also destroys us. BE TRUE, BE YOU! SAL

Better Me!

Shereen Ann Leyden

“Be TRUE! Be YOU! Live LIFE!”

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It is never to late to be who you are meant to be. I truly believe during this one life every person is meant for a reason. I feel it is very important to accept yourself, all your imperfections, and tackle who you want to be. Do not let your past, people or society stop you from being you. Your words and actions should align with one another. It is tackling the things you don’t want to tackle but you know you need to tackle. It is you working to be “better me”, every day forward!

In my opinion I feel it takes seeing, realizing, opening up and acceptance to want to change to be better! It means tackling what you don’t want to tackle. It is being able to see yourself for who you don’t want to be and who you know you can be. It’s owning yourself and letting go. It is forgiving yourself first. Then it is tackling everyone else that holds heavy in your heart. You have to come to peace with what is damaging and defining you. You have to have peace from what is destroying you from you being you. No one ever says life is easy. We as society look at others lives and wish, try to out do, compare, at times harm, create chaos and creates jealousy.

But what if what you wish, is right in front of you and your just blinded at the moment? Is it time to open your eyes and start attacking, “YOU”? To accept self and all imperfections? Everything about, YOU, makes you, YOU. Why would you want to be anyone else? Be who you are meant to be! Who you want to be! Come join me on trying to figure out how to tackle this one amazingly hard life.

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