Better Me!

Shereen Ann Leyden

“Be TRUE! Be YOU! Live LIFE!”

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It is never to late to be who you are meant to be. I truly believe during this one life every person is meant for a reason. I feel it is very important to accept yourself, all your imperfections, and tackle who you want to be. Do not let your past, people or society stop you from being you. Your words and actions should align with one another. It is tackling the things you don’t want to tackle but you know you need to tackle. It is you working to be “better me”, every day forward!

In my opinion I feel it takes seeing, realizing, opening up and acceptance to want to change to be better! It means tackling what you don’t want to tackle. It is being able to see yourself for who you don’t want to be and who you know you can be. It’s owning yourself and letting go. It is forgiving yourself first. Then it is tackling everyone else that holds heavy in your heart. You have to come to peace with what is damaging and defining you. You have to have peace from what is destroying you from you being you. No one ever says life is easy. We as society look at others lives and wish, try to out do, compare, at times harm, create chaos and creates jealousy.

But what if what you wish, is right in front of you and your just blinded at the moment? Is it time to open your eyes and start attacking, “YOU”? To accept self and all imperfections? Everything about, YOU, makes you, YOU. Why would you want to be anyone else? Be who you are meant to be! Who you want to be! Come join me on trying to figure out how to tackle this one amazingly hard life.

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